Introduction to Cloud Computing

This course is aimed at tablet or computer users who have recently completed the ‘How to Use Your Tablet Computer’ course or ‘Computing for beginners’ course’ and would like to learn how to use the cloud to get the best out of their computing knowledge. This course would also be suitable for those who would like to learn more cloud computing basics.

Learners will learn how to access and use these cloud services

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Storage
  • Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive/i-Cloud/Dropbox
  • Creating Documents
  • Streaming
  • iPlayer/Spotify/Netflix
  • Photos

Learners should bring their own computer (Laptop/tablet/smartphone).

Please bring any paperwork, cables and chargers with your device. Also bring any logins for Google, Apple or Microsoft that you may use.

Please let us know of any additional support you may require, when booking this course.

This course has a virtual learning component which provides additional help and the ability to review the course and exercises online.

Tel: 01442 251930 to book

This course can be run for individuals to attend or we can run it for clubs, groups & organizations.

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