Basic Microsoft Word

This course is aimed at those who would like to learn the basics of word processing using Microsoft Word 2010 on a computer with the Windows 7 operating system.

To attend this course, you must be able to understand the basics of using a computer, and you must be able to use a mouse and a keyboard.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Pin Microsoft Word 2010 to the Start Menu and / or Taskbar
  • Understand the newly-introduced ‘ribbon’ interface
  • Select text in various ways
  • Use delete, undo and redo
  • Create and re-format a simple letter
  • Create a file hierarchy of folders and save to a specific folder
  • Use a Memory Stick safely and make a backup using a Memory Stick
  • Edit and reformat documents and change the page set-up
  • Alter the printing preferences and print a document
  • Use the Change Case, Spell Check and Grammar Check features
  • Set, adjust and delete Tabs
  • Adjust Margins
  • Use cut, copy and paste
  • Insert Word Art, Clip Art or other pictures into a document
  • Reformat pictures to alter their size, rotation and other attributes
  • Use the layout options to change the way text interacts with pictures
  • Set up a document to display text in columns
  • Change line and paragraph spacing
  • Use Headers and Footers and add page numbers
  • Create a letterhead template
  • Use the Highlight function
  • Insert and format shapes
  • Add a Border to a page or section of text

You will need to bring a USB stick with you to the course.

You should let us know of any additional support you may require

This course has a virtual learning component which provides additional help and the ability to review the course and exercises online.


To book this course. Tel: 01442 251930 

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